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Are the Sudoku printables here free of charge?  

Yes, at the Sudokus to print and the Sudoku Online are free!

Our entire Sudoku offer is ad-supported, so there are no costs or registration required. In some countries, ad-free access is also possible via the Contentpass network.

How often are there new Sudoku to print out?  

Every day we offer 10 new PDFs with 12 Sudoku puzzles to print out, including solutions. You can also choose how many Sudokus there should be per page, so that there is a suitable size for everyone.

The 12 solutions are always compact on one page. The Sudoku PDFs from the past are still available, simply select the date.

How can I print Sudoku puzzles from this website?  

To print the Sudoku puzzles you need a PDF reader, which is already installed on most computers. Otherwise it can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe website.

PDF is a file format that ensures that documents are displayed in the same way on all devices, which of course also applies to printing on paper.

Are there Sudoku puzzles with solutions to print out?  

Yes, the Sudoku PDFs from always contain the solutions directly in the PDF, they are printed compactly on 1 extra page. So everyone can decide for themselves whether they want to print them out or not.

Our partner website also offers Sudoku to print free of charge. The solutions are also included here.

Are the printable Sudoku puzzles in PDF format?  

Yes, all Sudoku puzzles for printing on are in PDF format so that they can be printed out without any problems. A4 was chosen as the paper size for the Sudoku PDFs, as this is the international standard. For other paper formats, the PDF reader can scale the template accordingly.

Are there large Sudoku puzzles to print out?  

At you can determine the size of the individual Sudoku in the PDF files by the number of Sudoku per page. Possible are 1, 2, 4, 6 or 12 Sudoku per page. The solutions are always compact on 1 extra page.

Are there Sudoku PDFs for beginners?  

The Sudokus for printing are available in 5 difficulty levels, with level 1 being the easiest. However, the level of difficulty of a Sudoku is not, as is often assumed, determined by the number of numbers given, but solely by the techniques required to solve it.

Especially for beginners, our Sudoku Online offers additional help, so the Sudoku fields can be scanned and solutions are displayed. A beginner can then look up why these solutions are correct. Or you can simply uncover a Sudoku field.

Can I open Sudoku PDFs on my smartphone?  

Yes, there are also PDF readers for modern smartphones, so you can also open the PDFs with them to print out the Sudoku puzzles.

What are the file sizes of the Sudoku PDFs?  

The Sudoku PDFs are 20-30 KB in size, depending on the settings. Additional graphics have been omitted, and color and grayscale have also been omitted, so that only black ink is used to print the Sudoku puzzles.

May I pass on the Sudoku PDF?  

In a purely private environment, the PDFs with the Sudoku puzzles for printing out may of course be passed on free of charge. However, offering them publicly on a website or similar is prohibited.

The printed Sudoku puzzles may be distributed as long as this is done free of charge. There are now also doctors’ surgeries and hospitals that display printed Sudoku puzzles in the waiting area.

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Sudoku per page:

1 Sudoku_2024-07-22_1A.pdf( 5 )
Sudoku_2024-07-22_1B.pdf( 0 )
2 Sudoku_2024-07-22_2A.pdf( 0 )
Sudoku_2024-07-22_2B.pdf( 0 )
3 Sudoku_2024-07-22_3A.pdf( 0 )
Sudoku_2024-07-22_3B.pdf( 0 )
4 Sudoku_2024-07-22_4A.pdf( 0 )
Sudoku_2024-07-22_4B.pdf( 0 )
5 Sudoku_2024-07-22_5A.pdf( 0 )
Sudoku_2024-07-22_5B.pdf( 0 )